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"5 Tips for Capturing Genuine Smiles from Your Little Ones in Photos"

We have all been there, when you just really want your little one to give that beautiful beaming smile of theirs and instead you get an unusual grimace. Now don't get me wrong, i think all kids are cute, whether they frown, smile, cry or laugh, and some of my favourite images are often non smiling ones, but there is nothing that melts our heart's more than seeing our child happy and smiling, as mums and dads, grandparents or carers, its what we strive for. So with that said...

What can you do to bring a smile to your little one's face when you really need/want it for a special moment?

Let's Start with the Don'ts

  1. Don't make a big deal of it, more often than not, if you make it a big deal, child will feel pressured, overwhelmed and retreat.

  2. Don't ask young children to smile, this is where you will get their best attempt of what they think is expected of them, or learn't from peers. It will lack emotion, and won't be a true authentic smile, it may even be that grimace.

Instead try these 5 Top Tips

  1. Make Silly Noises or Sing Songs- Babies respond well to a variety of sounds, figure out what your little one is most responsive too, for my little man it was any sound or word begining with the letter B!

  2. Play A Game - For babies i might do peekaboo, for children i make it a little challenge, lets see how high you can jump, lets see how fast you can run to mummy and sit in her lap, let's see how fast daddy can spin you around in his arms

  3. Use reverse psychology - For 3 to 7 year old's i use reverse psychology and say ' what ever you do, don't smile! ' and of course this temptation to do what they have been told not to do is too much to hold in, and then it becomes a game of ' whatttt, i said no smiling allowed, are you smiling' oh I get the biggest natural smiles with this one. Just be mindful that it doesnt work on every child, they need to be open to being playful and understand its being silly and fun and not serious.

  4. Ask a Question or If they can tell you a joke - When we get asked a question that evokes an answer which is something we are passionate about, the results often are that we show this excitement and thus smile as we talk about that subject. If a little one has a joke, or likes telling jokes, this gives you an opportunity to laugh with them and bring smiles too.

  5. Shout a word that ends in an E sound - I will often ask children to shout mummy or daddy as loud as they can, they will often find it funny any way but the pronounciation of the E at the end forms the start of a smile. So there you have it, 5 ways to help your little one's bring their best smiles for those special moments

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