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Whether you are Bride to be looking for the perfect pre wedding gift, you have recently achieved a personal body goal  and ready to celebrate your body and increase your confidence or simply wanting to treat a loved one to an intimate gift, our boudoir sessions offer a balance of tailored preferences and guidance from Natalie.




What’s included


20 minute consultation

Over the phone or in person, your complimentary consultation enables us to learn about your ideas and help create a unique and personalised series of images.


The Studio Experience (90 minute session)

The studio is the perfect place for your session. We close the doors to all other customers during your session to ensure your session is private and free from interuptions. In the 90 minutes you can change your outfit/scene 3 times and Natalie will guide you throughout. 


It is required for you to bring your own outfits and do your own hair and make up.


10 Professionally mounted prints in an album box with 10 digitals.



Personal Viewing Session 

When your Photoshoot is complete you will be invited back to the studio to be presented with your best images. You can watch your moments unfold on the big screen. Natalie will advise the best way to display your images according to your preferences  and you get to pick your favourites.


Boudoir / Female Empowerment GiftVoucher

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