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All you need to know about Cake Smash Photography

Our customers travel from as near as Wolverhampton and Telford and as far as Wales and Dudley to celebrate their little one's very first Birthday with a Cake Smash Photo Shoot at our studio in Shifnal.

What is a Cake Smash?

A Cake Smash (or a Smash the Cake) Photo shoot is where your little one is presented with their very first yummy Birthday Cake all to themselves. They Smash it, Play with it, Eat it, and some even Sit, Stomp and put their Face in it! and we of course... Photograph it!

What does a Cake Smash Photo Shoot bring that the average photo shoot doesn't? (Apart from a lot of mess!)

In the past 12 months your little one has developed so much, their physical ability, their character and their emotional responses to name just a few. Along the way you have seen all their little way's, their mannerisms, their achievements. But have you captured it? Of course we all take lots of daily photographs of our little ones, but nothing quite compares to professional high resolution images that capture those personal little expressions, the detail in their eyes, so vividly.

Where did it come from?

It came all the way from America and landed in the UK just 4 years ago. Since then it's become increasingly popular, often described as the best way to remember such a special occasion, your baby's first Birthday!

What does a Natalie Jayne Photography Cake Smash include?

Our Cake Smash Session's are split into 2 parts with an optional 3rd part.

1. Pre Cake Smash

In their favourite 1st Birthday outfit we capture some clean and beautiful shots of your little one. This is focused on their achievements, can they stand? Clap hands? Crawl? Do they pull a funny face on demand? It's all about your little one.

2. The Cake Smash

The first birthday banner goes up, the cake comes out and your little one gets changed into their cake smash outfit (bring your own or use one of ours). Then the fun commences! Some dive straight in, others investigate, all produce unique moments that show your little one's personality and capture the celebration of hiting that 12 month milestone!

3. The optional Vintage Bath

There is no better way to clean them up that a dunk in the metal tin bath with a few rubber ducks! Often this creates even more measurable moments as they have even more fun splashing around in the bath!

Our Cake Smash Photo Shoot's start at £50 to learn more or book yours click here

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